Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Now that I have set up this blog I have become aware that I am very much a baby boomer. By that I mean that I am more guarded about my privacy than younger folks, like most people my age (mid-50's). I work with a lot of people young enough to be my children and have noted the ease they have about what they do and say online. I find myself thinking and perhaps overthinking what to say before I post. There are so many sides to one's personality, so many aspects to your true self, how deeply can one share his personal truths without fear of reprisal? For example, I am a respectful and accepting person but in reality hold back my thoughts on the way some people live out their religious beliefs. Primarily in regards to how those practices directly affect the quality of my life. I sometimes want to write and rant about it, express my anger. Even after just writing that much my mind is saying "don't get started now". I suppose the reason I self censor is that I know that people cannot help being who they are and my thoughts are merely that. Thoughts. Most of the time there would be no positive gain by engaging others with my opinion, especially if my opinion would likely create conflict or perception of something negative beyond my right to say what I'm thinking. And yet, my blog is my soapbox and here I want to get used to the idea that I can speak my mind, within reason of course. Besides, most likely the only person that reads these posts is myself and maybe my big sister.

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