Thursday, February 5, 2009

My latest audio work

Recently I was contacted by German artist Kommissar Hjuler ( to collaborate on a piece. Kommissar's visual work is fascinating and disturbing at the same time, and I have been told that some of my sound work has the same effect. I agreed to receive a cd-r of text spoken by the artist and his wife/artist Mamabaer to incorporate into a sound work. The audio is finished and I have uploaded it to my Soundclick player. The name of the piece is "Anticipation of the Generalized Other". Scroll through the titles on the player until you see it and have a listen. Kommissar Huler will release the collaboration in Germany on his label SHMF in a limited edition with original artwork made for each copy. I am also making the work available on cd-r with cover artwork by K. The two covers I have chosen to use are displayed above. If you are interested in purchasing a copy send me an e-mail.

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