Thursday, August 30, 2012

InDreama feature on Hear Nebraska

Nik and I were interviewed about recent developments with InDreama. Go here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Musical Express uses my video!

I was blown away to find out that news on my band InDreama signing to Team Love records was in the NME, one of the UK's long standing music magazines/institutions. It has long been a dream of mine to see my name or one of my recordings mentioned in a magazine such as this. I mean, they didn't use the press release from the label, they used my You Tube video!

Friday, August 24, 2012

InDreama sign to Team Love records!

I'm very happy to announce InDreama is now on Team Love records. InDreama is the band I am a member of along with Nik Fackler (Icky Blossoms). When I first met and started to work with Nik (about 8 years ago) I had a strong feeling that what we were doing was good, and was going to get better. More info about this is at Team Love's site Check out the band live performing "Reprogram".

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Discography additions

Some interesting items.
"A Pairing in Disorder" compilation. A double cassette that comes in a hand made paper purse. A numbered limited edition of 200 released by Darbolistic Rex, 2009. Contains one of my tracks under the name 7YM.
"Caw" cassette release of soundscapes. Very limited edition released by yobleart, 2009.
Nonlissenabulls #1 a series of cassette/art releases by yobleart. Contains unknown soundscapes I recorded and forgot. This one is a floppy disc. Probably 2008.
Nonlissenabulls #2 a series of cassette/art releases by yobleart. Contains unknown soundscapes I recorded and forgot, 2008.

Discography part 4

My most recent release, "Dereck 2" remastered and re-tracked for vinyl, 2012 DVH Recordings.
"Dereck 3" vinyl release, 2012 CoCo Arts.
Icky Blossoms, 2012 Saddle Creek Records. I'm credited with helping write one song "Heat Lightning". I contributed ideas to other songs as well.
Flowers Forever on Team Love records, 2008. I only appear on the cover.
Roam for the Holidaze 3, a CoCo Arts sampler put out each Christmas. This one is 2010.
Coyote Bones - Niobrara, CoCo Arts vinyl only release, 2009.
Roam for the Holidaze 2, a CoCo Arts sampler put out each Christmas. This one is 2009.
Conduits/InDreama/Icky Blossoms/Touch People - double split 7" self released 2011.
From the Archives - digital only release, 2011.
7YM - digital release of sound works, 2012.
Haze Introspect II - Digital release 2012.
Haze Introspect I - Digital release 2012.
Scott Severin & the Milton Burlesque - Birdhouse Obligato. Self released cd, 201. I'm credited with hand-claps.
Spaceage Polymers - Invasive Species. Self released cd 2006.

Discography part 3

Coyote Bones - Gentleman on the Rocks, CoCo Art cd, 2006
Paddy O'Furniture - Full Metal Paddy, Castelar records cd, 1999.
DVH - a limited cd-r release of electronic pieces. A numbered edition of 20.
Briskette Dust, a floppy disc containing my electronic music. A special art project done with Atlatl, 2005.
Jonathan Friedman - Seattle cd-r self released, 2007. I play bass.
Sound works released on cd-r, 2006. DVH Recordings.
CoCo Art Sampler cd-r compilation, 2007.
A Situation In Situ, a compilation cd featuring Flamethrower released in 2007. Flamethrower was a free jazz group I played bass in.
D+D, a 7" single collaboration with Dino Felipe released by Public Eyesore/CoCo Arts, 2006.
Dereck 3, released on cd-r in an edition of 200 copies. 2006 DVH Recordings.
Son Ambulance - Someone Else's Deja Vu. 2007, Saddle Creek records. I play bass on one track, "Wild Roses".
Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer/Dereck Higgins - SHMF. An art collaboration released in an edition of 9 cd-r's, each housed in a jewel case featuring original erotic art. 2009.
Charles Rice Goff III/Dereck Higgins - The Elements of Stylus. A digital/cd-r release, 2008. Taped Rug Productions.
Tensegrity, a limited cd-r release of sound works on DVH Recordings, 2007.
Telephono, an art project released by CoCo Arts in a box set of 5 7" singles, 2008. Features collaborations between David Matysiak and others including Dayve Hawk, Tim Kasher, Bob Nanna, Mike Kinsella, Enrico Molteni, Jack Hines, Julie Hines, Zopi Kristjanson, Nick White, Alessi Laurent-Marke, Jason Loewenstein, Adrienne Beatty, Darin Coelho, Zac Nelson, Eli Mardock, J.J. Idt, Ludvig Rylander, Dereck Higgins, Luke Polipnick, Terrence McManus, Les Mosely, Adrian Finch, Kianna Alarid, Dapose, Nik Fackler, Jonas Bjerre, Damon Tutunjian, Deborah Warfield, Jordan Noel, Lawson Grice, Nick Hasty, Dino Felipe, Aaron Gum, Clark Baechle, Teal Gardner and Anderson Reinkordt.

Discography continued

In the post below this I started posting the images I had on file of the various recordings I've released over the years. We continue:
RAF's cassette only release, 1986. No Time records.
Audiologie No.4, a French cassette compilation featuring a Stephan Sheehan track that I played bass on. Vox Man records, 1984.
Digital Sex - Essence and Charm. This was the first compact disc release by Sordide Sentimental, a French cult label known for rare singles by Joy Division and Durutti Column. 1986.
Emigre cd sampler 1 featured a tracks by Digital Sex. Emigre records, time of release around 1987.
Stephan Sheehan - Innocence At Will. CD released by Emigre records, 2002.
Quasiproto, a compilation cassette released by SITO, 1997. Has two electronic pieces of mine on it, one recorded in Japan.
Frankie & the Mutations - That Dang Bomb, no label 1985. A satire single that featured music by Joseph Budenholzer and myself. A promotional video was also made, I don't have a copy.
King Cobra - Think Fast. 7" ep released in 1983 no label. I play drums.
Steve Stacy - Tomorrow's Vision cd on Castelar recordings, 1993.
Tom Ware - Out of Bounds cd on Tri-Engel records, 1996. Also features Michael Lee Firkins on guitar.
Paddy O'Furniture - s/t. Released on cd by Castelar records sometime in the 90's.
Too Much Is Not Enough. This was a internet only compilation dedicated to the band Catherine Wheel. Includes my version of "Half Life", 2000.
First solo cd-r release titled "Nice", 2001. Limited edition of 300.
Dereck 2. Second solo cd release on my own imprint, DVH Recordings, 2004.
Digital Sex - Essence & Rarities 1982-1987. This is the US remastered release of Essence with added tracks and repackaging. On Randy's Alternative Music, 1994.

My Discography

I used to have a website and let the domain go after five years. Here are the images of the different records, cassettes and compact discs I've released my music on.
Disco Ranch 7" ep, self released in 1983 on Radio Ranch records. Band led by Joseph Budenholzer of Backworld.
My first record, the band was Norman & The Rockwells, self released in 1981 on Weezul Wecords.
Digital Sex 7" single, self released in 1983 on Post-Ambient Motion.
First solo 7" ep, self released on Weezul Wecords in 1982. Limited edition of 200 copies.
Second 7" solo ep, self released on Luminescent records in 1983. Limited edition of 200 copies.
Vinyl album by the band Atomic Breathing, released in 1989 on 1008 records. I play bass on two tracks.
Digital Sex debut vinyl album 'Essence', 1985. Self released on Post-Ambient Motion.
Includes a Digital Sex track as well as one by For Against. Released in the UK, 1987 on Dead Man's Curve records.
Solo 7" ep from Stephan Sheehan of Digital Sex. self released in 1984.
Features a track credited to Stephan Sheehan which is a Dereck/Stephen collaboration. Very rare French vinyl compilation, released in 1985 on Etiquette records.
Compilation featuring a rare track by Buck Naked & the Bare Bottom Boys among others. Hand made edition of less than 50.
First cassette only release of solo material, 1985. Hand made edition of less than 50.
Second cassette only release of solo material, 1986. Hand made edition of less than 50.