Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Artist In Residence

A diamond in the rough I truly am. I was described as such recently when introduced to an art loving audience in Omaha. I've thought about that introduction a lot since then, realizing how I likely appear as such to a lot of people. In so many ways I left conventional thought behind years ago. I get along well with folks, but I think my sense of boundaries is more fluid than the norm. Even though there are good reasons to proceed with caution among strangers I take my sense of ease with me fully aware that I inhabit an insane world. I digress. I came here to put down some thoughts about the Bemis Carver Bank site. I was recently chosen as one of the first artists-in-residence for this groundbreaking project. Omaha has a long and sad history of racial segregation that seems to be steeped more in old ghosts than anything current to keep it as such. I stepped out into the city decades ago to see what really goes on and when I drive through my old neighborhoods it is striking how there has been no change at all. I don't know that I can do much about this but it makes sense to me to provide events at the Carver that would be of interest to people throughout the city. Benson has become a hotbed for musical activity in recent years and I am an active part of this scene. The Carver Bank site appears to have much potential for becoming a place for unique and interesting media events. Exhibiting my collage art and video, doing live collaborations with various artists and musicians on at least a monthly basis are some of my initial thoughts. This entry is a bit of a ramble but I'm appreciating this opportunity.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

another thought

I speculate that dark matter may actually be consciousness.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just a thought

I felt the need to document this thought somewhere. Awhile ago I stepped away from organized religion and this is the lingering reason for it. I have wrestled with the idea of God all of my life. In my mind, if there is such a divine entity why would it/they need to be worshiped? The entire notion seems un-divine to me, rather human I'd say. The idea that people need to worship something higher to keep them in line also doesn't hold much water in my opinion. Just wanted to write this down.