Monday, June 17, 2013

The news

The news is ridiculous. How the controlled media attempt to paint such a slanted picture regarding the NSA. The bold face lying that has been staple of the government for ages rolls on and somehow people continue to swallow it, even when a cursory glance at history shows that this is nothing new. It is so obvious to me that the NSA is simply spying on citizens and I am certain we will soon see use of this information in ways totally unrelated to national security. For example, the way (self serving) politicians go about discrediting others all of the time, claiming this to be strategic when it is them having no solutions, just playing the game and getting paid/laid. How scandal after scandal pops up and the information 'uncovered' to bring down the person in question seems to somehow just become available. The NSA files will come in real handy for such shenanigans. The idea that there are checks and balances to guard against such abuse is a joke. Over and over these things have happened. Hello!? The way words are used to speak of war in the Middle East, as though there has ever been a satisfactory outcome from US intervention. Seems again the whole purpose is anything but humanitarian. Who is making money off of this mess? I just have to write these words out of frustration. The way the world is drowning in debt and yet the question cannot be answered as to why this has to remain so? Debts that can never be repaid so what is the point except to control others, and in such a cruel fashion. So many decisions could be made this very moment that would be of great benefit to everyone and yet such discussions never seem to take place. And why don't I just go back to sleep like so many of the people around me?

Conservative talk radio is super destructive

My local station is KFAB and due to habit I tune in daily. After 30 plus years of turning the news on as I wake up it's too late to change the behavior. Most days I turn the radio off in anger after hearing the biased one-sided bullshit they spew. I can hardly begin to find the words to express my outrage at their blind adherence to the party line, discrediting anyone who says anything against the ruling class. Such blindness being spewed by those who control the airwaves. It's no wonder most people are totally hoodwinked.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Random thoughts

For now I have decided to leave off making comments about world events on Facebook. I'll just leave them here. To my perception, only the blind or wholly ignorant can be made to believe the US is ramping up war in Syria for humanitarian purposes. War is good for business and little else. It is so obvious that the government is a front for the global corporation that really runs things. Obama is a puppet and nothing else. What a cold and cruel joke to play on the American people, giving them a brown face pretending it is some sort of progress. Surely anyone with eyes open sees that Obama continues the very same agenda that was in play with Bush. Why do I say anything when it will make no difference? I guess I do it for my own sanity's sake. This world is in a hella state. Just heard this: Violence always produces the opposite of what we claim we want, so why do we keep going to war? I say it's because someone wants the negative effects of war, the ones who always benefit from the destruction. The ones who seem to revel in the wholesale calamitous cruelty loosed by the machine of war.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Patrick is doing just fine

Patrick says his music websites are coming soon.