Monday, February 23, 2009


So, the Son Ambulance tour is primarily centered in Germany where the band seems to have the most loyal and understanding fans. I love the old architecture along with the ultra modern that you find here. It also seems that the clean places are way cleaner than in the US. I'm comparing because I have always hated how the US always talks like it is the best. It is not and I am saying that as a US citizen. At my age I don't knowe that I would move to Europe, but the place certainly appeals to me. I will say that I am dealing with a bit of the typical tension I feel at home regarding race. The band tell me it is my imagination but I have lived with this all of my life and I know a rat when I smell one. All I can say is that it still hurts when people cross the street whgen they see me coming, some of the cold and downright fearful stares I catch when walking alone is still unsettling. I did not experience this in Japan. With those thoughts shared I feel better. Thank you blog.

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