Monday, May 31, 2010

Recording at Ashley's

Returned home last night after spending the weekend recording and mixing Nik Fackler's upcoming debut album. We did it at Ashley Miller's private studio located in the country right outside of Kansas City. The situation was ideal. I loved knowing the mixing console of the studio was originally owned and customized by Bruce Swedian, who worked on Michael Jackson's Thriller. Ashley even had a platinum Thriller disc signed by Michael on display. Really fun stuff.
Nik and Ashley were/are great to work with because everyone is in a create mode and ideas fly constantly and many things are tried. Everyone is honest too and handles reciprocating honesty in a refreshingly sane manner.
Nik's record was inspired by the breakup he went through with a girl he fell for hard. The songs really capture the range and intensity of feelings one goes through when this happens. Many times while listening to the final mixes I remarked to myself that what we had done is the kind of music I look for as a collector. I'm pretty jazzed about it.

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