Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I live according to a code I've chosen for myself. Having gone through several religions I have been operating under the premise that none of them really knows what they are talking about. I take exception to the idea that I need someone to represent me to god. It doesn't make sense to me that I am separate from god. The heaven and hell thing seems a bit much to take. I cannot fathom why a person would need to be eternally punished. We're only alive for about 70 years. Burn forever? The idea of hell sounds completely human and self serving.
No one has to read this blog so I am just taking a moment to write these thoughts that I have been thinking for a long time.
One more thought. I muse constantly on how uncivilized man acts in the name of beliefs. To me it is obvious that there are many ways of interpreting reality, and yet we speak to each other as though our perspectives were fact. The continuing wars around the globe are direct testimony to this folly. Blindly following traditions and systems of belief, creating conflict with those who choose differently. It's hard to verbally express what I'm thinking and feeling.
Part of me feels like an idiot for bothering to try and write this at all. And yet I have not lost the view I developed as a child that wants to see what is really going on around me. I continue to conclude that western culture is based on lies and deception, all in the name of someone's personal gain. It also appears that the game has been going on for a long time and the players never really change. Is that what they call old money? And that this is what has been going on all over this world for the longest.
This indeed relates to my earlier thoughts on religion. It all seems to be set up to manipulate the masses while the ruling parties continue the party.
Broken record syndrome here maybe? What I'm saying is nothing new. Why do I even bother? It is likely something to do with depression.

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