Monday, May 10, 2010

after the tour

Touring and working intertwined is tough. Switching back and forth between the mindsets was harsh on the body but well worth it. Getting to know Gunnar Cleemmann better was very refreshing. That might seem like an odd description but it really encapsulates the total of the experience. I don't know what it is like for anyone else, but part of the way I experience everything is as a reflection of who I am. I see lessons in most things, not that I can always learn these lessons but I get the information. Gunnar is a deep feeling artist and silly prankster and everything in between. His natural inclination to lose himself in each moment was very encouraging. This openness to the human experience comes through the music strongly as well. Traveling to places such as New York for the first time, to play this music was just amazing. The fact that I could share the whole experience with an old and true friend, Gary Foster, made it all the more enjoyable and rewarding. It was so much fun shopping for records with Gary let alone playing music with him. Cleemann's music is so fine and minimal all you have to do is hear him/us play it live. Consistently on the tour I experienced people being moved by the music, really connecting. These incredible moments and memories make the hard work involved so worthwhile. I could go on about what it took for Gary and I to make the tour, but the lingering effect of the music and friendship shared is too strong.

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