Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day

I can't avoid thinking about how it all seems so hollow, all for show and everything still rotten inside. I'm talking about the hypocrisy of the United States' leadership. If Martin Luther King was so great why did they murder him? If our country's leaders really gave a shit about the people why are we in such dire straits right now? If they gave a fuck about anybody why have they let the con artists suck up all of the money? It seems like the majority of politicians and public figures are nothing but gutless liars. I say this as I think about my childhood. My grandfather was a baptist minister whom I looked up to. All of my family and most of our family friends thought that I would likely grow up to be a minister or something like that. For a time I liked this idea and aspired to it. I pointedly decided to leave that dream behind the day Martin Luther King was murdered. I was in junior high school and I remember thinking, well why would I want to be a public figure representing good values when the people that do this just get killed? Again and again. I was thinking about the Kennedys and Malcolm X before him. It was a crushing and disappointing revelation.


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  2. i totally hear you dereck and can agree with your conclusions. the things man does are a part of that awful human unregenerated behavior. you'd have to totally rise above that mentality to end that behavior. we wake up one at a time.

    it is sad and such a shame how dreams are crushed but life holds much promise if we are steadfast and don't get caught in the illusion.