Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Discography part 3

Coyote Bones - Gentleman on the Rocks, CoCo Art cd, 2006
Paddy O'Furniture - Full Metal Paddy, Castelar records cd, 1999.
DVH - a limited cd-r release of electronic pieces. A numbered edition of 20.
Briskette Dust, a floppy disc containing my electronic music. A special art project done with Atlatl, 2005.
Jonathan Friedman - Seattle cd-r self released, 2007. I play bass.
Sound works released on cd-r, 2006. DVH Recordings.
CoCo Art Sampler cd-r compilation, 2007.
A Situation In Situ, a compilation cd featuring Flamethrower released in 2007. Flamethrower was a free jazz group I played bass in.
D+D, a 7" single collaboration with Dino Felipe released by Public Eyesore/CoCo Arts, 2006.
Dereck 3, released on cd-r in an edition of 200 copies. 2006 DVH Recordings.
Son Ambulance - Someone Else's Deja Vu. 2007, Saddle Creek records. I play bass on one track, "Wild Roses".
Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer/Dereck Higgins - SHMF. An art collaboration released in an edition of 9 cd-r's, each housed in a jewel case featuring original erotic art. 2009.
Charles Rice Goff III/Dereck Higgins - The Elements of Stylus. A digital/cd-r release, 2008. Taped Rug Productions.
Tensegrity, a limited cd-r release of sound works on DVH Recordings, 2007.
Telephono, an art project released by CoCo Arts in a box set of 5 7" singles, 2008. Features collaborations between David Matysiak and others including Dayve Hawk, Tim Kasher, Bob Nanna, Mike Kinsella, Enrico Molteni, Jack Hines, Julie Hines, Zopi Kristjanson, Nick White, Alessi Laurent-Marke, Jason Loewenstein, Adrienne Beatty, Darin Coelho, Zac Nelson, Eli Mardock, J.J. Idt, Ludvig Rylander, Dereck Higgins, Luke Polipnick, Terrence McManus, Les Mosely, Adrian Finch, Kianna Alarid, Dapose, Nik Fackler, Jonas Bjerre, Damon Tutunjian, Deborah Warfield, Jordan Noel, Lawson Grice, Nick Hasty, Dino Felipe, Aaron Gum, Clark Baechle, Teal Gardner and Anderson Reinkordt.

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