Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Discography continued

In the post below this I started posting the images I had on file of the various recordings I've released over the years. We continue:
RAF's cassette only release, 1986. No Time records.
Audiologie No.4, a French cassette compilation featuring a Stephan Sheehan track that I played bass on. Vox Man records, 1984.
Digital Sex - Essence and Charm. This was the first compact disc release by Sordide Sentimental, a French cult label known for rare singles by Joy Division and Durutti Column. 1986.
Emigre cd sampler 1 featured a tracks by Digital Sex. Emigre records, time of release around 1987.
Stephan Sheehan - Innocence At Will. CD released by Emigre records, 2002.
Quasiproto, a compilation cassette released by SITO, 1997. Has two electronic pieces of mine on it, one recorded in Japan.
Frankie & the Mutations - That Dang Bomb, no label 1985. A satire single that featured music by Joseph Budenholzer and myself. A promotional video was also made, I don't have a copy.
King Cobra - Think Fast. 7" ep released in 1983 no label. I play drums.
Steve Stacy - Tomorrow's Vision cd on Castelar recordings, 1993.
Tom Ware - Out of Bounds cd on Tri-Engel records, 1996. Also features Michael Lee Firkins on guitar.
Paddy O'Furniture - s/t. Released on cd by Castelar records sometime in the 90's.
Too Much Is Not Enough. This was a internet only compilation dedicated to the band Catherine Wheel. Includes my version of "Half Life", 2000.
First solo cd-r release titled "Nice", 2001. Limited edition of 300.
Dereck 2. Second solo cd release on my own imprint, DVH Recordings, 2004.
Digital Sex - Essence & Rarities 1982-1987. This is the US remastered release of Essence with added tracks and repackaging. On Randy's Alternative Music, 1994.

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