Monday, April 27, 2009

I definitely recommend you see the movie

I went to the first showing of April Showers in Omaha last Friday night. I went later to the 'official' first showing of the film, the 7:00 slot where the cast and crew present were acknowledged. The theater was just about full and there were a lot of people connected to the movie present. It was exciting, it really was. Even more exciting is that the movie is good. It is rather intense emotionally and the cast delivered the goods. It's an engrossing story that draws you in pretty quickly. I had to dab away tears my first time through.
I have to talk about my work on the wardrobe. I was so thrilled to be entrusted with the whole job in the first place. I had only done one film previously (Lovely, Still) but I'm a fast learner. It's cool that I've ended up in wardrobe because I have always loved clothes and fashion but have not necessarily been a fashionable dresser. The film looks good, the clothes don't distract from the action. People look natural and 'of the times'.
Besides blowing my own horn, I am quite aware of the potential impact this movie has. Namely, the potential to touch people, get them/us talking to each other. Maybe it has the potential to encourage people to start or continue healing. Reconnecting. It has been a real growing experience for me, to say the least.

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