Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Showers the movie

It's a little over a week away from the national theatrical release of the film April Showers. I did the wardrobe for the film and the experience was pretty awesome. The film is based on director/screenwriter Andrew Robinson's experience of living through the Columbine tragedy. I missed the premier of the film at the Omaha Film festival due to being on tour in Europe so I have yet to see the finished film. I'll tell you that the trailer that is online looks pretty damned good and I'm very proud to be a part of this production. I must say that I think it's ludicrous that the film is rated R, the film is intense but not violent. It's almost like some people want to keep teens from seeing a film that attempts to realistically portray life events, because that's what the film sets out to do. Again, I'm speaking from having been a part of making the film. It was the kind of project and atmosphere where many of the people involved got to be like a family, we needed each others support because it was so personal and intense. The film is showing across the country starting Friday April 24 and I encourage everyone to go and see it. At the very least it will get people talking.

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