Saturday, March 25, 2017


I can rant freely here since no one reads this. I'm just so flabbergasted and disappointed that even now people are still supporting trump. It's unbelievable because I listen for sound reasoning behind continued support for 45 and I never hear any. None. He acts like a spoiled child and shows no empathy, wisdom or compassion for anyone. It's like there is some kind of virus of the mind going about that people blindly stay lock step behind this idiot.


  1. Dereck, I completely understand your frustration. However, please rest assured that not everyone supports our petulant schoolyard bully "leader". We have been taking him to task since the inauguration...

  2. Hi Dereck He has been voted in to shake up the establishment and he will be voted out very soon, probably for some wrongdoing. Every so often you have to take some pain to get the right balance in life later. We have had the same here with the Brexit campaign and vote. It did not go the way expected but the population wanted to give the establishment a fright and get them out of their laurels and to do a proper job. Again a little pain before the enjoyment.