Friday, September 20, 2013

Review of Pop Rock Overflow by Jonathan Friedman

This is Jon's newest production and the first thing I am struck with is the sound of hard work. Jon makes music I would call classic FM radio pop. I hear snatches of everything from Hall and Oates to Todd Rundgren to Prince. I contribute guitar to one track and that does figure into me reviewing this. Jon is a friend and I know how much this music means to him. Jon shows he has a good ear for arranging and harmomies. Every song is full of ideas and layers of parts, constructed like classic radio hits. Jon has a good voice and his songs are cut from the cloth of daily life, relationships. I want to do my part to call attention to this album. I can see much larger numbers of people going for this album than the ones I make, the trick is getting people to listen to it. Here's the link to Pop Rock Overload

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