Monday, June 17, 2013

The news

The news is ridiculous. How the controlled media attempt to paint such a slanted picture regarding the NSA. The bold face lying that has been staple of the government for ages rolls on and somehow people continue to swallow it, even when a cursory glance at history shows that this is nothing new. It is so obvious to me that the NSA is simply spying on citizens and I am certain we will soon see use of this information in ways totally unrelated to national security. For example, the way (self serving) politicians go about discrediting others all of the time, claiming this to be strategic when it is them having no solutions, just playing the game and getting paid/laid. How scandal after scandal pops up and the information 'uncovered' to bring down the person in question seems to somehow just become available. The NSA files will come in real handy for such shenanigans. The idea that there are checks and balances to guard against such abuse is a joke. Over and over these things have happened. Hello!? The way words are used to speak of war in the Middle East, as though there has ever been a satisfactory outcome from US intervention. Seems again the whole purpose is anything but humanitarian. Who is making money off of this mess? I just have to write these words out of frustration. The way the world is drowning in debt and yet the question cannot be answered as to why this has to remain so? Debts that can never be repaid so what is the point except to control others, and in such a cruel fashion. So many decisions could be made this very moment that would be of great benefit to everyone and yet such discussions never seem to take place. And why don't I just go back to sleep like so many of the people around me?

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  1. In a democracy the masses control the powerful, not the other way around! I mean, in America you can choose between two very capitalist parties, who's election campaign is a just an insanely expensive propaganda/advertising competition. Then who wins the most states win the election, not who gets more votes! And to top the ice-berg they are spying on their own citizens!

    Yet, they try to spread this "democracy" one bloody, failed war at a time.