Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Spent Saturday afternoon on the set of Bright Eyes new video (his house) watching Nik work. Tried to get on crew but wasn't needed. It was cool just being there. It's so cool to chat with the band and see they're all still pretty sane. Found out from Nik that Dreama will be released by Slumber Party records on cd and vinyl. I'm very happy to see it get a physical release as opposed to just digital, even though that's the way of the world nowadays. Scheduled to go to Chicago next week to record tracks with Cleemann for his next record. Working with Michael Teach and his crew from Chicago Acoustic Underground, some real fine people. I think we;re driving to Beloit for a gig too.
I'm psyched that Cleemann is scheduled to play at SXSW in March. This will be my second time there.

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