Friday, December 25, 2009

Reflecting back on the year

It's not the end of the year yet but I am at home Christmas day thinking about all of the things that have happened this year. It has been an incredibly alive time and so much has happened I forget. Here are some pictures to refresh my memory.
Going to Europe was such a dream come true. Especially since I did as a band member on tour. Something I had begun to think I could not achieve. In the picture below I'm standing outside a gas station in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Playing in Stuttgart, Germany
with tour manager Ollie in Maastricht, The Netherlands
Playing at the Botanique in Brussels, Belgium. The picture was taken during our sound check.
Another highlight of this year was when both of my sisters came for a visit. I love them so much. In the first picture I'm with my older sister Stephanie.
With Adrienne and Stephanie
Friend and former bandmate Maureen made a surprise visit from France. Her son Leslie was the real surprise and I bonded with him immediately.
I have been blessed with seeing my friend Jane on three occasions this year. She lives in Phoenix but has been in town for a variety of reasons and is here now for Christmas. Jane is the woman in my life to be upfront.
to be continued...

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